My name is Johannes Rauch. I am born in 1994 in a small town in Nothern Bavaria, Germany. Since 2012 i’m living in Regensburg. I’m working as a scientist at a research institution of electrical grids.

For me, it is so important to enjoy and soak up the small pleasures of everyday´s life – even in our fast-moving age. For me creation of happiness is part of the art of living. One example could be that someone who doesn´t do mornings and doesn´t want to go out of bed– like me – becomes aware that he is even able to get up.

Maybe with my shots, I can let you experience everyday things and the beauty of our world from a different perspective.

And maybe i can inspire somebody to go through life without being superficial, but to live as happily as possible or how an engineer would call it:

With this in mind, I wish you lots of fun browsing this page!